The Art of Hiding and Revealing

For centuries, the notion of eroticism existed in all of the art forms. From paintings that presented escorts on the streets of the 19th century Paris to the photos of women in erotic underwear, the same topic always presented a huge source of inspiration for both artist and the public. Today, the same idea continues to exist in almost any modern form of art, including TV shows that are dealing with high-class escorts to adult comic books and video games. But, the thing that makes the same phenomenon so prominent is the notion similar to the core appeal of the hot and sexy girlerotic underwear: what is hidden and what is revealed. Here, there is no doubt that the human imagination is fired up when something on the human body is shown, but other things are covered up like erotic underwear does so perfectly. This means that the covered things are as important as those which are revealed.

Escorts understood this ever since these services began to operate. All women working as escorts utilized erotic underwear to their fullest extent with their clients, presenting an opportunity for arousal and firing up their imagination. In this setting, erotic underwear is not just a simple garment, but a method through which the escorts make their clients interested in a level that is much deeper than casual intimacy. The same principle was applied to art since the dawn of time and this is what made it so irresistible to the consumers of the same works of art. Often, this was very subtle, because of the overall social implications of the erotic content, but it was always there, ready to tingle the imagination of the onlooker.

It seems that escorts, using their in-depth knowledge of lovemaking, erotic underwear and other crafts of the trade, figured out this idea of what to hide and what to reveal as early on in history as the artists. That is why both professions continue to bring so much joy in the world, in one way or the other.

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