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Many time people create an erotic or adult blog and they try to get more visitors for their blog using regular traffic generation method. But you need to understand that regular traffic generation methods might not for your adult or erotic blog. In that situation, you may need to try some different approach to get traffic to your adult blog and I am sharing those tips with you in this article.

Use dump sites: To get more traffic on your adult blog, it is a good idea that you use some dump link sites for that. When you will use dump link websites then you will get so many back links for your erotic blog and these back links will help you get more traffic toward your adult website. In this method you can quickly increase the traffic on your website and that too without using sear engine. Other than this, search these back links will help you have better ranking in search as well land that will help you get better result in easy manner.

Buy traffic: To get more followers or traffic on your adult blog, you can buy some traffic for same. To buy this traffic you can take the help of some traffic selling website and you can have more visitors on your erotic website. Also, you can use pay per click marketing method and you can have better visitors count on your erotic website. When you will use pay per click marketing method then it will help you get more traffic in easy way.

Use images: to get more followers or traffic on your blog, you can use different images for same. You shall use some erotic and sexy images even and make sure those images are connected with you text. In addition to this, use alt tag for your image because this alt tag will help you have better ranking in search result. Also, these erotic and adult images will attract more people and that will make them returning users for your blog.

Use social network: Social networking websites can help you get so many great befits and traffic to your adult or erotic blog is one of those benefits. On your social network page, you can share things that you have in your mind, you can share links on our social networking page and you can have more follower or traffic for your adult web page. So, make sure you use social network to promote your erotic web page.

Try SEO: Last but not the least, do try smart SEO methods to get followers from organic search result. When you try to get traffic on your erotic blog using SEO, then make sure you explain it contain adult material and you allow access to only mature people. This will give you an assurance that search engines will not black list you because of the adult content available on your website and it will help you increase visitor count and you will be able to have positive result with it in easy manner

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